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Choosing the right size food for your pet snake

A common question for a new owner is how big can the food they give their snake be. An easy and reliable rule of thumb that many people with snake use is as follows:

First measure your snake (a rough estimate is fine) at its widest part. This will likely be about midway along the snake’s body. Second measure the food item (again a rough estimate is good enough) at its widest part. This is normally across the back hips. Now compare the two measurements. They should be close to the same size.

Boa Constrictor eating a rat pup
If you use that estimate to gauge the size of food to give your snake you will never go wrong. That’s not to say that a snake can’t eat much larger or even much smaller food but that will keep it nourished without causing it to become obese.

Don’t worry about the fact that 9 times out of 10 the food will look like it is about 5 times too large to fit into your snake’s mouth. As you can see by the picture to the right that has absolutely no impact on the snake. Their jaws and skulls are designed to separate and allow them to ingest much large food than you might expect.

  • josue rivera

    i thought this info was helpful can u email me some info about milk snakes i would really appreciate it thnak you

  • Liamwalsh2k11

    please e-mail me about which snake you think would be best for a child age:10-15
    would really appreaciate it,thank you

  • Look into Ball Pythons, and Corn Snakes

  • Kevinsires9

    Rosy boas! They are so cool. The get only 2foot. U get a pair and hes the coolest kid in the school

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