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Pet Snakes answers your emails

Every week we get several emails asking for advise. Up until this past week they have always been answered via email, but it seems like a good idea to answer them here on the site so everyone can benefit. That’s not to say that some emails won’t elicit a direct response if need be.

Email: I have a problem with lots a snakes in my yard, I’ve seen 15 to 20 at a time. The mail man won’t even deliver my mail sometimes. How can I want to get rid of this problem. I live in the city and i want to let my grand daughter out to play in her pool, and i want to sit in my yard Help Me Please they are out of
control here.

Answer: Getting rid of snakes starts with cleaning up the yard. The goal is to remove the places they like to hide. Tall grass, under wood, in brush, under your home and porch to name a few. You didn’t mention what city you live in or how often you see 15 to 20 snakes. If it’s a daily basis then I’d probably consider contacting an animal removal specialist. Since it is spring it is possible a snake gave birth nearby and you’re seeing the offspring. That’s what I suspect has happened.

Email: Looking for a colorful pet snake!

Answer: Since I’m guessing you don’t have much experience with snakes I’m going to suggest you look into getting a corn snake. They come in all kinds of different colors and make a great beginner snake. They’re also reasonably inexpensive which never hurts.

Email: I am deathly terrified of snakes! I have 12 acres and a pond in *******. I am looking for someone to come remove snakes, or give suggestions on how to eliminate them. Spring has sprung and I don’t want to run into any. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Do a Google search for “pest removal your_zip_code” (eg: pest removal 12345). As far as eliminating them goes, the answer is to remove their food and shelter and they will leave on their own.

Email: My corn snake hasn’t eatin (sic) in over 3 months. Not since I brong (sic) him home. Please help!

Answer: Here’s some tips to get your snake to eat.

Email: My snake got lost. How do I find him?

Answer: I’m going to cheat and refer you to another article on this site that deals with finding an escaped snake.

Email: I bought a pair of breeding snakes from XYX breeder (name removed) but they don’t breed. I’ve had them for over a year and paid $600 for them. Please help!

Answer: I have no idea what kind of snakes you bought. The breeder you mentioned has 5 available on their website. What I would do is contact the breeder and tell them you need help with getting them to breed and see what suggestions and advise they can give you. There are simply too many variables be able to address them via email or in an article. Also, this sounds like your first attempt at breeding snakes. I’d get my feet wet with a species like corn snakes or ball pythons. That way you can learn how to do it properly before you throw your $600 investment down the toilet.

  • bethani

    well im having a problem because every time i use the bathroom i think a snake is going to come up the toilet.oh and i cant use the bathroom anymoreplease help me please.

  • Countrygirl118

    I am terrified of snakes. I have a barn full of horses and have snakes in the barn.We have already killed 2 cooperheads this year that was in the stall with my colt.Our feed is in a locked air tight holder, I thought that would help but it didn't.What can we do to get to go away?

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  • Yourzharry

    Which Country hasn’t Snakes Yet ??

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