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Finding places to rent for snake owners

Renting with any animal is difficult, but when you are trying to rent with a snake it becomes even worse. Here are a few tips to help find a place to live for both yourself and your scaled friend.

Don’t waste time looking in the wrong place
For some reason people love to call prospective landlords or rental management agencies and try to convince them to change their minds about the “no pets allowed” policy. Complete waste of time and effort. The first group that you should weed out are those people. Cross them off your list and put them aside. If you get really desperate you can always go back to them later.

Be honest about your snakes
Don’t try to hide your pet snake from them when you apply to rent their property. Tell them about it and give as many details as you can. Don’t lie and hope they don’t know enough. If you’ve got a 10 foot Reticulated Python tell them. They’ll find out sooner or later anyhow so might as well be up front about it. Sure there will be people who will turn you away simply because it is a snake and how large it is doesn’t matter. If they’ll turn you away because of what kind of an animal it is don’t think for a second they won’t evict you if they catch you with something you didn’t disclose.

Show them how knowledgeable you are
One thing that goes a long ways towards alleviating a landlord’s unease about moving into their property with a snake (or any animal) is that you display how much you know about it. Not just your snakes, but snakes in general. The more people know about things the less frightening they are. At the end of the day you want your landlord to view your snakes like you do. As a valued member of your family. Present them as such.

Know when to move on
Sometimes you just aren’t going to get into that rental you’ve been wanting for no reason other than you have a snake. Cross it off the list and move on to the next one. Don’t fret, don’t even think about it. You’ll find another place at least as good, probably better for yourself and your snake.

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