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Keeping giant snakes as pets

Giant snakes take a whole different level of commitment when it comes to keeping them as pets. Here are a few things you should consider carefully before buying a breed of snake that is going to turn into a giant.

Long term living space for giant snakes
A one and a half foot reticultated pythons fits nicely into a 30 gallon tank. A ten foot long one does not. Before you get a giant snake make sure you have the means and room to provide an adequate sized home for the animal. For a variety of reason (such as staying alive) giving it free reign of your house isn’t really an option.

Not only do you have to have the room for a cage that is the proper size, but you need to be able to afford to buy or build one. Expect to pay several hundred dollars at least. A good idea is to start saving when it is young and small(er) if you have that luxury.

Feeding giant snakes
Big snakes eat big meals. Big meals cost a lot more money than small meals. It’s one thing to feed your Red Tail Boa a rat or two at couple of dollars each. It’s something totally different to be feeding a 12 foot Burmese python a small pig every other week. First of all obviously you need to have a regular supply of food and secondly you need to be able to keep up with the ongoing food costs.

Safety concerns with giant snakes
Let’s face it, giant snakes are a potential threat to your life. Not just your life, but anyone who comes near them. They aren’t toys to be hauled around and shown off so your friends can say how cool they look draped over your shoulders. These animals can and will kill you if you mess up.

If you’re a 5’0″ tall single woman and live alone then having a giant snake as a pet is begging for problems. Suppose you needed to get a 10 foot specimen packed up and taken into the vet for some reason and couldn’t find anyone will to help you with it. It would be all but impossible even for an adult male who stands 6’4″ and weight 275lbs let alone a petite woman. That’s not at all to say women can’t handle snakes, but reality is reality and the sheer size of a giant snake makes it triply important to do everything safely.

Giant snakes are a pleasure to work with and care for, but the reality is that most people who have them aren’t properly equipped with a creature that will grow well over 10 feet and weigh over 200 pounds. That’s why you can look through Craig’s List and in the local classifieds and see people practically begging you to come and get the snake for free.

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