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Hides for pet snakes

Snakes are secretive by nature so it is a good idea to offer your pet a hide boxto go into and get away from everything.

Why your snake needs a hide
Snakes like having a hide for a few reasons:

While your domesticated snake has nothing to fear it doesn’t know this. Providing it with a hide takes away an element of stress. The less stress a captive snake has to endure the better.

It gives the snake a place to go when it feel threatened. This is why you should do your best to treat the hide as a safe haven and not drag your snake out of it unless necessary.

Hides are small, tight spaces and will stay warmer than the surrounding areas.

How to make a hide
You can always buy pre-made hides at the local pet store but I prefer to make my own.

Get an appropriate sized container
You want a container that is large enough for the snake to curl up inside of but not so large that the entire household can move in. It should “fit like a glove” when your snake is in there. If you see your pet crawling around imitating a turtle with it’s hide on its back that’s a pretty good indication it is to small.

What you use will depend on your budget, available supplies and size of the snake. Some thing that make good snake hides include:

  • Plastic containers – Butter, yogurt, and things like that
  • Plastic dog food dishes
  • Plastic cat litter boxes

Cut an opening
Cut an opening in the container so the snake can get in. Remember that snakes can get in much smaller areas than you think so make the opening smaller than you think it needs to be. This will add to the appeal of the hide as a safe and secure area for your snake.

Also make sure there are no especially jagged edges for the snake to cut itself on. A small file can be used to smooth out the edges if necessary.

Place it in the tank
That’s all there is to it. Once you have the opening cut just flip the container upside down and put it in the tank. Don’t try to force the snake into it. Just wait until it finds its own way in. Remember you want your snake to associate the hide with safety and security not being forced and manhandled.

One last step
The last thing to do is to make a second hide that is as close to identical as the first one. One hide will go on the cool side of the tank and one hide will go on the hot side. This way a snake can thermoregulate its temperature and not have to choose between heat and security.

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