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How to keep snakes away from your home

This article will help explain how to keep snakes away from your home. We at Pet-Snakes recognize that not everyone is a fan of snakes and some people would much rather keep them away than have them as pets. In order to serve our readers better we’ve decided to write this article to help those who want to effectively control them to do so. Also see this article about how to trap and remove snakes

The impact of getting rid of snakes
It is important to realize that snakes play an important role in the ecosystem and they, just like everything else have a purpose. When you remove them you are impacting a delicate balance. For example I once lived on a large wooded property (over 80 acres) and we had abundant snakes. One year my dad decided to start killing off all of the garter snakes he could find. I don’t know his reasoning, but I do know the result. We were overrun with frogs and salamanders. The snakes had been keeping the amphibians populations under control. I remember early the next spring my dad handed me a 5 gallon bucket and dropped me off near a lake and told me to fill it with garter snakes so we could put them back on our property. So before you start a campaign against snakes in your area consider the impact it will have on you. For instance keep snakes away could be inviting rodents in.

Get rid of cover and hiding areas to keep snakes away
Removing or reducing the areas that snakes are found forces a snakes to seek a different place to hunt and rest. Some of those areas include –

  • Tall grass
  • Boards, logs, sheet metal, etc that they can crawl under
  • Brush and shrubs
  • Wood and rock piles

Keep snakes away from your homeYou also want to take care to eliminate their access to other areas they might find appealing such as under your deck or under your home’s foundation. A snake basically has three very simple functions. It hunts, it kills and eats, and it rests. It repeats that cycle throughout the entire course of its life. By taking away the things mentioned above you severely impact the snake’s ability to rest which is the most important of all the things it does.

Get rid of the source of food a snake depends on
The reason snakes are attracted to your house and the surrounding areas is because there is an abundant food source. If you want to get rid of the snakes the single most effective way is to do so is to get rid of there food source. The less they have to eat the less they will come around your home. Rats, mice, frogs, lizards, and other such critters are a main staple of a snake’s diet. Controlling their presence will by proxy help to keep snakes away from your home.

Some methods that don’t work to keep snakes away
There are a lot of wives tales out there about ways to keep snakes away. Unfortunately they don’t usually work and for the most part you waste your time and money. The exception is that something doing some of these things will reduce the food a snake has and it will cause their numbers to dwindle. Some of the more popular methods that don’t work are –

  • Roping off the affected area with hemp rope
  • Spreading mothballs around the affected area
  • Flooding snake dens
  • Spreading gas or diesel around
  • Sulfur powder

The primary problem with these methods of snake control is that they require constant refreshing. The odors (which may or may not keep snakes away) become less and less potent as time goes on. A flooded den quickly dries out and becomes a haven for snakes once again. Not to mention you’ll have to live with a yard or house that stinks of sulfur, gas, and mothballs. Personally I’d rather deal with a snake here and there than to have to inhale those toxins 24/7 in order to keep away a few snakes

One final method to get rid of your snake problem
A final method of getting rid of snakes around your home is to have someone come and collect them. You’d be surprised how effectively a skilled, and knowledgeable person can be when it comes to collecting snakes and relocating them to another area far removed from your home and yard. Many times you can find a person at a local herpetological club that is willing to remove them at no fee to you.
  • latonya

    I am not a fan of snakes so this information helps alot. Thankyou

  • PetSnakes

    Glad you found it useful.

  • annabeth

    I found the article helpful, however after repeated professional snake repellant treatments, we see a snake every other day, and I am pretty much at my wit’s end. We are concerned that several of them have been poisonous. We have an outdoor dog that we have concerns about; we certainly don’t want her bitten. Our property is an acre an a half.

  • Crickett

    I have a problem with a black snake that is living under my house. I seen him leaving and have seem him returning but cant get out in time to see where he is going. I have a whole by the side of my AC unit. I belive it is getting in there. If I stop up the hole what if he is under the house and he tries to come up in the house to get out. What should I do to get rid of him.?

  • PetSnakes

    Crickette – Honestly, leave it be. The snake is keeping your rodent infestation down. And trust me if you have a snake you have rodents because they don’t hang out where there isn’t food. If you really want the snake gone get rid of the rodents and it will leave.

  • lane

    i came home the other night and found a copper head at my door. it had came into my house and crawled under my door. what can i do?

  • christy

    I had a snake in my house. I was wanting to know how he could have gotten in there? I have seen Rats but not a lot of them. This summer we have seen 10 snakes and have gotten rid of all of them. what should i do?

  • Thank you for the information shared. Keeping the balance in eco system is so important – but ‘guests’ and snakes just don’t gel. Our guesthouse is surrounded by lush beautiful gardens, I can not imagine changing the ‘landscape’ not to ‘attract’ snakes? How can I safe guard the Guesthouse Area, except for mice/rat traps … ? Snakes were found in the area before and this summer, Any good Advice to have a ‘snake-free-guesthouse’?

  • david cowan

    will moth balls detier snakes

  • david cowan

    always heard moth balls help

  • Yingling

    We have garden and black snakes and we want to know what is the best way to keep them away??? We have young kids that love animals and i dont want them to get bit. We heard moth balls are the best way is this true????

  • downinv

    well i jus got me a house and the previous owners said that the property was snake infestedm, mostly copperheads …. im really scared of snakes and i need too find a solution too my problem does anyone got any ideas for me??

  • Susan K

    I beleive we have a den of snakes under my house. In the year, since March 2009 we have caught and killed 30 snakes in or trying to get into my house. We have sealed up the holes we think they are getting into. They are mostly just garters and bull snakes, but snakes dont belong in my house. On a positive note, we dont have a mouse problem, although we have had a snake and mouse problem at the same time about 2 years ago. We have not alwasy lived here, but kow the people who lived here in the past. They also said there was a snake issue… HELP!!!

  • Christie

    We’ve been trying alot of home remedies and still cannot slow down their numbers. We keep the yard trimmed and tidy but they are still everywhere. They are getting in the basement from somewhere… we don’t know where. I know there should be a ballance and everything, but between inside of the house and outside I’ve caught 16 snakes in the last week, that’s too much for me, ideas?

  • PetSnakes

    @Christie – Have you found out what kind of snakes you are dealing with? This time of year they are out in force. When I was a kid I remember that we’d almost get overrun with garter snakes in the spring.

  • PetSnakes

    @Susan K – Some of us would love to have your problem… But I digress. Have you contacted a pest control company about having them take care of the issue?

  • PetSnakes

    @downinv – Define infested. Some people would say seeing two or three snakes a year is an infestation. Others like myself would need to have them crawling in and out of the front door all hours of the day. As for a solution to your problem you should work on getting over your fear of snakes. That’s the one that makes the most sense.

  • Sharon White

    There are so many snakes around my house. Please tell me how to get rid of them. I can’t afford an exterminator!!

  • jessienorwood

    Today I have seen a 6ft snake (no type) go under my house I am so scared of snakes I am about to put this house up for sale My daughter say nope. Tonight I am just in my house but cant stop thinking about who's living under my crawl space. The Snake is about 6ft long and 4″ round now that's big. HELP

  • Contact a pest removal company is the best advice I can give at this point.

  • Lee Ming

    I like to make snake soup šŸ™‚ If you find, let me know, I come get it. You try soup?

  • Very kind of you to offer your services Lee Ming…

  • FaronLoren

    Snakes may play an important role in the ecosystem but one of the movers helping me pack my things got bitten by one and went into anaphylactic shock and almost died. Snakes shouldn't crawl around the house and your tips on how to get rid of them are most welcomed.

  • xconwayx

    Phobias aren't always rational. I jump like a little girl when I see a simple garter snake while mowing my yard.

  • Keetomattingly

    i was talking to a snake guy and he said the only thing that will reppell snakes is to get some garlic cloves crush them up super fine in water and spray a barrier around your land once a month and that will run them away and keep them away garlic powder also might work in water. i hope that helps. it helped me get rid of my snake problem.

  • JaMaggiezzindixie

    In the last week I have seen a coral snake two black snakes a ribbon snake and last night as I was out with my dog I think a ribbon snake walked over my foot I gave it a kick but when I got a flashlight it was gone. HELP

  • Ajfans

    just found a black snake eaten my chicken eggs…i cant stand snakes have one liven under my too ,hes a big black snake its longer than me foung its skin it shed …freaked me out cause also have pond with koi and other fish in there..did kill one eaten my eggs …didnt want kids walk up on it inside chicken pen,hoe can keep away from my eggs dont wanna kill them..thanks ctry girl

  • Mott4667

    dont worrie about the snakes if you dont step on them they move on i have sevearl around my farm and house there just looking for food are water long as you dont step on them they ez on i use to catch al kinds of snakes and some as big as 5 foot long they got live just like us just dont step on them you be fine

  • Carly.

    whenever you cut your hair sprinkle it around wherever the snakes are. Some how the snake thinks that someone is already there ' and they will leave. We do it around my chich coop so snakes wont get our chickens!

  • Smplyt

    I don't mind that the snakes are outside, my problem is they keep getting in my basement. How do I keep them out of the house???

  • Unknown

    your website stinks

  • PetSnakes


  • Prajankayestha

    its nice answer

  • Prajankayestha

    we have small garden and brown snakes and my some brother also loves the animals i also i dont want them to get bit by snake i have heard that mothball is the best way.

  • Jeansfean

    also have snake problem in crawl space under old house,when i mow it brings on the ‘snake dance’vibration,i suspect,,,,,,moth balls do NOT work,wivestale,,,and then I called pest control company,was informed they can NOT legally poison any living creature with a VERTABRAE,which includes snakes,what a crock of spit, and lastly their harmless;–they wont poison you when they DO BITE you-yeah thats very comforting….ugh,not being poisonous has nothing to do with the ability to inflict a painful bite;and yes then CAN bite underwater-another wivestale….ps,when someone tells you a snake is “harmless” only because it isnt poisonous,send yourvaccinated dog over to bite them–its harmless too,there bite isnt poisonious either–hurts like hell though-dont it? been bitten by both

  • Guest

    nope old wives tale

  • Samluvstraci25

    Only good snake is a DEAD snake!

  • Siskaty1952

    I have 3 tiny dods and someone said this new house we are moving into is full of bullsnakes Im afraid they will kill my babies

  • Mbaluman

    Do you realize that copperheads are poisonous. Get over your fear of snakes? Really?? Any venomous snake in your home is a problem!

  • Msanita6

    Not more than thirty minutes ago my husband and I found a three foot snake in the middle of our kitchen floor.
    I’m still very upset. This is the fourth snake we’ve found in our home. I’m done, I’m ready to move out now!!!
    I have three babies the youngest only two months old . I have called animal control, the fire department, everyone I could think of for help. How can I stay here and keep my little one safe? Can’t take it anymore in Va. Can anyone help!!!

  • Msanita

    Lee, Come to Va. I’ll give you free run of our yard, take as much as you like!!!!!

  • not afan

    I heard that you can spray bleach around your house and places that have weeds and tall grass that you don’t mind killing. I am trying it I watered it downsome and put it in a spayer for weeds or pest the pump kind!! I hope it works and it keeps me from having to weedeat!

  • Darlow Smithson

    @Christie – if you’re interested in sharing your story for the Animal Planet series ‘Infested!’ please contact me at Infested is about ordinary people who suffer extreme animal infestations and we’d be interested in talking to anyone who has experienced a snake infestation. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Darlow Smithson

    @downinv – if you’re interested in sharing your story for the Animal Planet series ‘Infested!’ please contact me at Infested is about ordinary people who suffer extreme animal infestations and we’d be interested in talking to anyone who has experienced a snake infestation. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Darlow Smithson

    Hi Susan K,

    I am a television researcher making a program for Animal Planet called Infested! The series is about ordinary people who suffer extreme animal infestations in their homes and have tried many things to get rid of the creatures. We’re looking for new stories for the series and I’d love to hear more about your snake problem.

    If you’re interested in sharing your story please contact me at

    I hope to hear from you.

    Best wishes,

  • SDG

    I have been bitten by a copperhead. I was in the hospital for 5 days and walked on crutches for 6 weeks. It was very painful and took a long time to heal. I am completely and totally terrified of snakes. I hate them and the only ones I ever want to see are dead! The other day I went into my garage and I had taken only two steps and a snake about two feet long struck at me. It hit a box that was on the floor, thank God we hadn’t thrown that box out yet. The noise scared me and then I saw the snake. I ran across the gargae and jumped up on a chair. The garage door was open about ten inches and I was trapped, while my son was in the house. I was terrified he would open the door to the garage. The snake was on the floor across the table from me and it threatened me for a good 5 minutes. I was on the phone with the 911 operater the entire time. It finally crawled into a corner and I was able to make my escape. Once in the house I broke down and I am now completely and totally traumatized by the event. The police officer came and he went into my garge and looked for the snake, but it was gone. Now I cannot go into the garage or even step foot outside because my fear is so great. This is just wrong. My security has been demolished. I know that my fear is considered irrational, but you get bitten by a poisoness snake then come talk to me. Just think about this, what if I had sent my son into the garage to take the trash out or something? I will never send him in there again. I wish I had never read some of the things about snakes online. Now my fear is even greater. I never want to see another snake as long as I live. I don’t have rodents, I have an experminator, so I never see insects in my house. I do have some stuff stored in the garage, but I think that it will have to be moved up on tables so I have a clear view of the floor. My grass is kept mowed, I don’t have wood piles or other clutter in my yard. We live in a neighborhood and the houses are close together. We do have a drainage ditch behind our house, so maybe we can put a snake repellant along the fence line. It has been dry and hot and the snakes are looking for cool places and food and water. I also found out the neighborhhod association has to hire someone to take care of the snake problem around the two lakes in our neighborhood. I do not live close to the lakes. Now I am worrying about snakes getting into my house. My home is relatively new, almsot 7 years old, and I have a concrete slab that’s about 4 feet thick, and all my doors are sealed tight. I am now so afraid, every little sound or if something brushes my leg, I jump. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • SDG


  • Goodbrandon

    Ā garden snakes don’t biteĀ  but the black snakes can bite and the garden ant posinosĀ  and the black snakeĀ  they are rat snakes

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  • Chrisbeach729

    I have multiple snakes as pets at my house in a suburban environment and the other day a water moccasin was on my front porch. Is this a common thing for wild snakes to follow captive ones? I recognize that each indoor snake knows when the others are feeding but is this the cause for the pit viper on my door step and what can i do to protect myself. I work nights and with little to no light when approaching my house it is scary that another venomous creature might be there. Please text me with helpful info about my problem, and get rid of the snakes is not an option i rescue abused retics and nobody goes out looking for a 10 plus foot snake so they are family. My phone number is 817 247 4053. (real help only please)

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