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Man bitten by rattlesnake at a Flordia Wal-Mart

Dusky Pygmy rattlesnake like this bit a man in a Florida Wal-Mart

A baby Pygmy rattlesnake bit a 27 year old man on his hand while he was shopping at the Wal-Mart garden center in St. Augustine Florida. According to the report the snake was approximately 7 inches long. The man went to pick up a bottle that had rolled under some shelves when he was bit. Complicating matters was the fact that he had an allergic reaction to the antivenin he was given.

Pygmy rattlers only grow to be about between 12 and 22 inches long and their rattle is so small, especially in juveniles that it is often nearly impossible to hear. When that warning rattle is heard people often mistake it for the buzzing of an insect. Their bite is rarely fatal for a healthy adult owing in large part to the tiny amount of venom they are able to inject. Like many other rattlers the pygmy rattler has hemotoxic venom.

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  • Very unlucky man.
    Most snakes only bite people when cornered or killed.
    Most bite victims rarely admit fault and often change the story to
    cover up their own wrong behaviour in the circumstances.
    Not being present at the time of the bite, I must take the man’s word that he
    did as reported and really was unlucky.
    However people should not have an unrealistic fear of snakebite
    provided they mind their own business and leave snakes alone if they see them.

    Snakeman Raymond Hoser

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