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The media is your snake’s worst enemy

The function of the media is to sell their point of view on any number of topics. They do this largely through sensationalizing that point of view and then peddling it off to unsuspecting listeners, readers, and viewers. Snakes are just the latest victim of their drive not to protect people, but to get people to part with their time and money. By now most everyone know the tragic story of the 2 year old Florida girl who was killed by a pet Burmese python. Thanks to the media snakes have now become public enemy number one in many circles. With headlines such as

Burmese python panic (

While this article is very well written and takes an intelligent approach to the issue people who commented on it weren’t always so… logical.

For example "Mike" had the following to say –
They are invasive, exotic killers and are spreading rapidly through the south half of Florida and the Keys, along with monitor lizards. Removal is necessary by whatever means.

"Blackbox" had the following to contribute in regards to what the article said –
You’re an idiot!!!

Senator warns of python danger – Says snakes are a threat to all Floridians(This link was removed by the website,

Senator Bill Nelson, a Florida democrat had this to say –

"It’s just a matter of time before one of these snakes gets to a visitor in the Florida Everglades" Nelson told a Senate panel.

The article itself sensationalized the issue with statements such as –

The python clearly has become the poster monster of invasive species. and From Chinese mitten crabs in Chesapeake Bay to the Coqui tree frog in Hawaii, exotic animals have overrun America. But no state faces a bigger threat than Florida

Invasive Pythons Wreaking Havoc In Florida(All Headline News)

The first paragraph of this article starts out –
Pythons have become a major problem in Florida where one suffocated a sleeping baby to death in her crib and thousands others prowl the Everglades, and nearby towns, threatening endangered species and pets alike.

Anyone who reads that is seeing something along the lines of this:

Python on a murderous rampage ambushes and kills unsuspecting baby. More of these killers are believed to be stalking through the Everglades

That’s just a few of the thousands of headlines around the world regarding this one incident. But in order to get a clear picture of what is really happening we need to look beyond the headlines to the facts. We know the following:

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