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Common Terms

Anyone who is new to the world of snakes can often feel overwhelmed by the terms used by veteran snake keepers. In this section of you will find a comprehensive (though not exhaustive) list of commonly used terms. We add to it on a regular basis as new terms are created or come to our attention. If you have a suggestion for a term please send us an email and we will be more than happy to consider it. Also if you discover any mistakes in our current list of terms we would appreciate hearing from you so we can correct the error.

  1. 3 numbers separated by a decimal (0.0.0)

  2. Allele

  3. Amelanistic (aka amel)

  4. Anerythristic (aka: anery)

  5. Antivenin (also antivenom or antivenene)

  6. Arboreal

  7. Axanthic

  8. Bask

  9. Boid

  10. Boidae

  11. Brumation

  12. Caudal

  13. CITES

  14. Cloaca

  15. Clutch

  16. Co-dominant trait

  17. Colubrid

  18. Crepuscular

  19. Diurnal

  20. Dominant trait

  21. Ectotherm

  22. Elapidae (elapids)

  23. Garden Snake

  24. Heat Pit

  25. Hemotoxic

  26. Hide

  27. Heterozygous

  28. Homozygous

  29. Hot

  30. Hypomelanistic

  31. Jacobson's (vomeronasal) Organ

  32. Keeled Scales

  33. Leptotyphlopidae

  34. Melanistic

  35. Milking

  36. Neurotoxic

  37. Nocturnal

  38. Obligate Carnivore

  39. Oviparous

  40. Ovoviviparous (ovoviviparity)

  41. Phenotype

  42. Poison

  43. Punnett square

  44. Pythonidae

  45. Leucistic

  46. Recessive trait

  47. Snake hook

  48. Subcaudal

  49. Substrate

  50. Terrestrial

  51. Thermal gradient

  52. Thermoregulate

  53. Urates

  54. Venom

  55. Vent

  56. Viperidae (viperids)

  57. Viviparous

  58. Wild type

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