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Photo credit: Deviant Exotics
Type 1 Anery Boa Constrictor Imperator
Photo credit: Squamata Pets
Normal Boa Constrictor (BCI)

Anerythristic snakes are lacking red pigments altogether or have greatly reduced red in their skin colors. They are black and white but some also have varying shades of yellow. Often they will be labeled as "anery" snakes. Eg, Anery corn snake, anery rat snake.

There are two types of Anerythristic snakes.

  • Type A/1: These are black and white snakes and will have varying degrees of yellow mixed in.
  • Type B/2: These snakes have no yellow coloration.

The photo on the left shows a type 1 Anery Boa Constrictor (BCI) and the photo on the right is of a "Normal" phenotype Boa Constrictor constrictor (BCC). Notice the one on the right has reddish brown coloration that the one on the left is lacking.

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