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Georgia Exotic Animal Regulations

Georgia Exotic Animal Regulations - This Coral Snake requires a special permit in Georgia

The following is an excerpt of Georgia’s exotic animal regulations. This is not the complete regulation and should not be considered as such. The purpose of providing you, the reader, with this information is to encourage you to contact state authorities in Georgia with any further questions you might have. We are unable to provide any legal advice regarding Georgia’s laws (or the laws of any other state). Below the regulations we have included the contact information for the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division who we believe is the agency best suited to assist regarding these regulations. Please note also that the information provided is in good faith and is accurate to the best of our knowledge however we DO NOT guarantee or make claims about the accuracy of the information.

Related Code and Regulations

27-5-4. Wild animal licenses and permits generally

(a) Unless otherwise provided in Code Section 27-5-5, it shall be unlawful for any person to import, transport, transfer, sell, purchase, or possess any wild animal listed in Code Section 27-5-5 or specified by the board by regulation without first obtaining a wild animal license from the department as provided in Code Section 27-2-23 or a wild animal permit as provided in this Code section; provided, however, anyone holding a deer-farming license is not required to have a wild animal license or permit to possess farmed deer. Unless otherwise specified by the department, such license or permit shall be effective from April 1 through March 31 and may contain such conditions and restrictions, including restrictions as to numbers and species of animals, as the department determines appropriate in light of the provisions of this chapter. An applicant for a wild animal license or permit shall have the burden of proving that any wild animals subject to such license or permit are or will be imported, transported, transferred, sold, purchased, or possessed in compliance with this chapter.

(b) (1) Except as provided in paragraph (2) of this subsection, wild animal licenses will be issued only to persons engaged in the wholesale or retail wild animal business or persons exhibiting wild animals to the public. Wild animal permits will be issued at no cost and only to persons for scientific or educational purposes, to persons with a permanent disability or disease as provided and for the purpose described in paragraph (2) of this subsection, or to a pond owner for grass carp or grass carp hybrids where the department has determined that the possession of such carp by the pond owner will not constitute a threat to wildlife; provided, however, that no such permit shall be required for persons buying triploid grass carp from properly licensed wild animal dealers authorized to sell grass carp where the bill of sale is retained by the buyer as proof of such sale and where the triploid grass carp are to be stocked only into a private pond; provided, further, that no such license or permit shall be required solely for the transportation of wild animals through this state where the animals remain in this state no more than 24 hours and are not sold or transferred while in this state.

27-5-5. Wild animals for which license or permit required

(a) The following animals are considered to be inherently dangerous to human beings and are subject to the license or permit and insurance requirements provided for in subsection (f) of Code Section 27-5-4:

(2) Class Reptilia:

(A) Order Crocodylia:

(i) Family Crocodylidae (crocodiles, gavials, etc.) — All species;

(ii) Family Alligatoridae — (alligators and caimans) — All species;

(B) Order Squamata:

(i) Suborder Serpentes:

(I) Family Elapidae (cobras, coral snakes, etc.) — All species;

(II) Family Viperidae (adders, vipers, etc.) — All species;

(III) Family Colubridae — All poisonous rear-fanged species (Opisthoglypis);

(IV) Family Crotalidae (pit vipers) — All species;

(ii) Suborder Lacertilia: Family Helodermatidae (Gila monsters and beaded lizards) — All species;


Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Commissioner's Office
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, S. E., Suite 1252
East Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334
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