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Snake FAQs

Both new snake owners and those who are simply curious about them come with a ton of questions about these amazing animals. We’ve begun to compile a list of frequently asked questions that seem to be asked over and over again. This is by no means meant to represent a complete and total work of all possible FAQs when it comes to snakes. By their very nature these answers are relatively brief with the understanding that it is up to the reader to do further research on their own.

Where possible we’ve linked to other articles here at Pet-Snakes that will further enhance our answers to the FAQs. As new articles are added the FAQs about the snakes will be updated to reflect new links.

If you don’t find the answer in the list below please feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

  1. Are snakes slimy?

  2. Can a snake be trained?

  3. Can a snake really see in the dark?

  4. Can I keep 2 or more snakes together?

  5. Can snakes smell?

  6. Can you tell how old a snake is by its size?

  7. Do snakes carry diseases that can be transferred to people or other animals?

  8. Do snakes hibernate?

  9. How big/old does my snake need to be to safely breed?

  10. How can I overcome my fear of snakes?

  11. How come my snake is so stressed out?

  12. How come my snake never blinks?

  13. How do I get my snake to stop biting me?

  14. How do I raise/lower my humidity?

  15. How long do snakes live?

  16. How much does (insert snake species here) cost?

  17. How often should I feed my snake?

  18. How often should my snake shed?

  19. If I keep my snake in a small cage will that keep it from getting big?

  20. What is a morph?

  21. Should I feed my snake in a separate cage?

  22. What is the most venomous snake in the world?

  23. What kind of snake did I see?

  24. What kind of snake makes the best pet?

  25. What permits do I need to have to keep pet snakes?

  26. What snakes have live babies and what snakes lay eggs?

  27. Why do snakes have forked tongues?

  28. Why won't my pet snake eat?

We hope you have enjoyed visiting us here at Pet Snakes! We take caring for snakes very seriously and hope to pass that along to you!