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Choosing a name for your pet snake

It’s strange how often I come across people who are looking for a name that fits their pet snake. Here are a few rules that I personally use when naming my snakes. They may or may not work for you so feel free to do whatever you like with them.

Choose a theme
The first thing I do when I start selecting names for my snakes (any animals I have really) is to choose a particular theme or category. For example I might decide that I want to name them after Ford cars and trucks or some variation of those names. Or maybe I want to name them after various lakes and rivers in South America. Whatever. The point is that I have a theme with a diverse group of names to choose from.

Masculine or feminine
My next step is to figure out what names sounds most appropriate for the gender of the snake. It’s part of what helps me to remember what I have in addition to cage tags I use.

How does it sound
No matter what name I choose I have to like it. No, I won’t be calling my snake to come to me using it’s name, but I have to be able to look someone in the eye and say it without grimacing in pain. More than that it’s always good when other people who are talking about your snake aren’t making a mockery of it’s name.

My cardinal rule
I have one cardinal rule when it comes to naming animals. Even if I throw all the previous things I’ve mentioned out the window I always, always, always follow this one rule…


Absolutely not. It’s like a crime against humanity (and animals) to name your snakes after other people. It’s not cute, and trust me Aunt Mildred will not be impressed when you name your Red Tail after her.

Ultimately you need to choose a name that fits well for you. These are just my rules. I believe in naming all of my animals, but for people who have hundreds of snakes (breeders usually) naming them all just isn’t a reasonable expectation. Some people simply number them or use some other form of categorization. Whatever works as long as it works.

  • jamie

    Hi there! I was recently given a ball python, about two years old. I already have a corn snake, named Toki. I’d like to get a large tank, divide it in half, and have the both of them in my bay window. The ball’s name is Sake. How would you suggest I go about that? It has proven difficult to find an appropriate tank online, but I really didn’t want to build one.

  • PetSnakes


    1st question – Does the bay window get direct sunlight especially in the summer? If so I’d start by putting a small tank there setup like you’d have the bigger tank and put a thermometer in it. You want to see how hot it gets with direct sunlight. It might be way to hot for a snake.

    2nd question – Have you quarantined the new ball python? Before you start putting them together make sure to go through a 90 day quarantine period.

    As for the tank idea I’m not really sure how to do it. It would make more sense to me to get two smaller sized tanks (20L maybe) and put them side by side. Certainly from a cleaning perspective 2 smaller tanks are easier to handle than one large. Try looking on Craig’s List for used aquariums. Often people will get rid of them because they don’t hold water which is perfect for reptile owners.

  • Gorgousgirl

    i named my ball python little foot 🙂 my boyfriend thinks its the stupid name ever but ive always wanted to name a pet that. and i def dont plan on getting a dog or anything so a snake it is lol and i named my other snake grrr , yes i know i come up with great names haha

  • Louise

    Littlefoot's a gorgeous name! Did you get it from Land Before Time by any chance? 😛

  • Louise

    I'm a fan of mythology, so our corn snakes were named Hades and Persephone. Well, that was the plan; we found out that Hades was actually a girl and Persephone was a boy, so we renamed him 'Sephy' – short for Sephiroth from Final Fantasy. Kept the name Hades though, it just suits her 🙂

  • guest

    When you say “no human names”, I’m assuming you mean names of people that you know? As in, specifically referencing a friend or other relation?
    Because I find, as I do with dogs and cats or any animal, that giving an animal a “human” name (of their own!) lends the animal more dignity and relatability than say Fluffy. That said, I almost always prefer unusual or antiquated “human” names, like lucian or aldous, which greatly reduces the chance that you will meet someone with that name lol

  • Snakelady

    Most of my snakes have human names, not named after anyone I know personally. I pick names from movie characters, or something that fits the individual snake…such as our snow corn Winter, our ball python Ariel, etc. Some have non-human names like Speckles and Spot, our sand boas, and Fido, a corn hatchling whose tub looks like a puppy was in it every time we clean it.

  • Caitlin

    Hi guys,
    I’m only 11 and I am lucky enough to have my very own STIMSONS PYTHON!!!!!!
    Yes, my very, very, very own.  Anyway, her name is Riley because ( I’m Australian) when I say Stimsons, Mum always thinks of the Stinsons wreck at O’ Reillys.
    She (the snake) is only 3 months old but I need to make her a BIG encloser, SOON!!!
    I do have an old bookcase that I could do something with, but I can only spend about $50 on anything, ’cause after buying her and all of her food and encloser stuff (little encloser) and heat cord, I’m broke.:(
    Any ideas????!!!!

  • Caitlin, make an enclosure out of a plastic bin. It’s not as pretty as a glass tank but it would allow you some time to save some money up for a larger display case.

     Instructions here:

  • That’s a pretty cool name.  Has a lot of irony to it.

  • No I try to avoid any human names for any pets of mine as it “humanizes” them. I don’t like to do that because they are still animals at the end of the day.

  • AmandaShay

    I just got an Opal Cornsnake and i cant think of a name for her at all, Im lost, Any Suggestions?

  • Uh… ok. Thanks for the comment… LOL

  • Catherine

    I named by baby Ball Python Naga after the snake-spirits from Indian Folklore and Nag the Cobra from Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. Technically Ball Pythons are indigenous to areas like Ghana, not East Asia, but I happened to be studying India for a class the same time I got my snake.

  • Sophi

    im going to be getting a cornsnake soon, but i want a unique and strong name…

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