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Proper snake care

Learning proper snake care is the key to a long and healthy life for your scaled friends. Everyday more and more people are getting snake’s without being ready to care for them. This happens because they haven’t been given the right information or because they don’t know where to look. Taking care of a snake is an easy process if you learn what needs to be done.

Proper snake care: Use various sources of info
Since you are reading this it is a pretty safe assumption you have the internet. The internet is an incredible knowledge base just waiting for you to use it. There are plenty of individual websites, forums, and blogs that will give you all the snake care instruction you can handle.

Another source is the local library. Don’t hesitate to get a few books on caring for snakes from there. It will give you an opportunity to get much more focused and in depth on various aspects of a snake’s needs. Something the internet doesn’t always provide the same luxury of doing.

Contact local herpetological clubs in your area. A quick search for herpetological societies online will give you several databases to look through. Find one in your area and get in contact with them. Tell them that you’re a new snake owner and want to learn how to take care of your animal. They’ll be more than honored to help you out.

Gathering information is both easy and the basis of providing good care for your snakes in the future.

Proper snake care: Focus on what you need
As great as it is to have all the various sources of information don’t waste your time with a shotgun approach to learning about snake care. Find the information you need pertaining to the particular species you have. If you just got a corn snake don’t spend hours learning about king snakes. Once you’ve gotten enough knowledge to properly care for your snake then worry about expaning what you know.

Proper snake care: Don’t get a snake until you know what to do
In a perfect world you’d have everything setup properly before the snake came home. We all know it’s not a perfect world, but you should be able to to provide for the snake’s most basic care before it gets to you. If you visit any snake related forums it is nothing to see 30 people a day asking the most basic things about a snake they already have. For example “How do I get my snake to eat?”, or “What should the temperature be in my snake’s cage?”

Even if you don’t have time to do any research at least spend 5 minutes searching the internet for a care sheet to help you with your snake.

The more you know about caring for your snake the more likely you are to have a good experience with it. An improperly cared for snake can be aggressive, a poor eater, and prone to sickness.

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