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Rattlesnake bites 2nd man in Florida

If yesterdays story of a man being bitten by a rattlesnake wasn’t enough we have this story out of the Florida Everglades where another man has been bitten by a rattlesnake. At this point no details have been made public.

Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be worthy of mention but due to the location it piqued our interest. The bite occurred in the Everglades, the quasi-adoptive home of the Burmese Python, snake of choice to hate after the 2 year old was killed by one at the beginning of the month. We can’t help but wonder if Rattlesnakes will now be added to the snake hunt. Especially now that two Florida residents have been bitten in as many days. After all it took 12 deaths over 28 years for the media to suddenly decide Burmese pythons are evil, surely it won’t take that long for the rattlesnake to be added to the list.

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