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3 reasons to get a pet snake

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Once you’ve decided that you can be a good snake owner, have picked a snake to get, and can afford the upkeep of that snake you’ll probably need to convince yourself of a few reasons why you should get one in the first place. Don’t worry because we’re here to help convince you.

You enjoy snakes
A passion for animals in general and snakes in particular is important if you want to get a snake. That’s because on the surface they can seem pretty boring

  • They don’t curl up with you on the couch
  • They don’t fetch
  • No matter how adorable you think they are most other people won’t agree with you
  • With the exception of feeding time they don’t do much at all
  • A large snake can make a horse’s shit look pleasantly small
  • Either they tolerate you or they don’t but you’ll never be friends with your snake
  • They have no problem biting the hand that feeds them

People send us emails asking how they can make their snake more affectionate. (Un)fortunately that isn’t possible. If you don’t enjoy them as they are don’t waste your time getting one.

They have something to teach you
Most people are afraid of snakes because they are uneducated about them. When you can explain why a snake:

it makes them much less threatening. Better than just being able to answer I can show the person what I’m talking about. They can see it with their own eyes and that makes them a lot less scary.

A snake is a low maintenance pet
Compared to a more traditional pet like cats or dogs snakes require little time. They aren’t zero maintenance. You’ll need to:

But even with all of that you won’t need to pick up after them all day long. They don’t leave toys out all over the place. They don’t leave hair and dander all over you clothes and furniture.

  • Im an avid snake lover, have more then enough food to sustain them without ever going hungry. (I breed mice for my snakes). I have read up over and agian on how to take care of them to live a long and healthy life. I currently keep a diary on feeding schedules and any unhealthy partial sheads. I dont believe im the only 1 that would be good at taking care of these animals cause its more work then it seems to be, but a good candidate. Thank you for letting me be in this contest. Jeff

  • Jess

    My snake is awesome she is a corn snake and she likes to go to sleep on the hood of my hoodie when i on the computer 🙂 snakes are the best animals in the entire world. When i am old instead of being a crazy cat lady i'm gonna be a crazy snake lady 😀

  • Crazy snake lady huh? That's cool! Hope you still enjoy them as much when you're old as you do now.

  • Darius thomas

    that was to much keep it light bro hahahaaaaaa jk jk jkjk

  • By showing her you are responsible and know what you are talking about. But sometimes even doing that won’t help and you’ll just have to wait until you are on your own.

  • snake nana

    does a snake get to know you over time if u spend alot time with it

  • Dfv

    My mom didn’t like snakes but she is getting me one because i showed her how responsible i can be.

  • Well done! Hope you enjoy it. What kind are you / did you get?

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