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Pet Snakes provides easy to understand, practical information and facts to help the new snake owner take care of their animals. At Pet Snakes we want to provide information that will help you enjoy your reptile more than ever.

Responsibilities of snake ownership

Owning a pet snake comes with a great deal of responsibility –

You have to be an ambassador
You’ll need to represent snakes to the general public and more likely your immediate family in a common sense, knowledgeable, and confident manner.

Educating the public about snakes is one of your greatest responsibilities as an owner. Being able to convey what amazing animals they are and to explain why you keep them as pets is paramount to being an ambassador. Of course some people are afraid of snakes and you’ll have to learn how to deal with these kinds of people on a case by case basis.

Tips to being a better snake ambassador –

  • Never force anyone to touch or view a snake they don’t want to
  • Minimize the chances of your snake biting someone
  • React calmly should something go wrong (eg your snake bites someone)
  • Educate people about snakes before you let them handle it
  • Supervise children very carefully. This will help the parents to feel better and it will also help to insure your pet isn’t injured
  • Answer questions truthfully. If you don’t know something about snakes when someone asks tell them and offer to find out for them.

Financial burden
Snakes can be expensive to properly care for.

  • They require special living and feeding conditions
  • Your electic bill will go up throughout the year
  • Your heating bill will go up in the cold season if you live in a cold area
  • Vet visits cost more than other animals
  • Special arrangements if you need to leave them with a pet sitter. Most charge more for snakes

Knowledge and time
The only way to truly enjoy your snake is to learn about it. What you know about your snake can literally mean the difference between life and death for the animal.

  • You’ll make mistakes. Even people who have kept them for many years make mistakes
  • The most time you spend caring for them the most you’ll “discover” how much you really don’t know
  • It benefits you to continually add more and more knowledge to what you already have about snakes
  • Every snake, even twins from the same egg is totally unique and that means each snake will take its own commitment of time

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