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A second pet snake

Getting ready for a second snake
Many snake owners decide they want to add a second pet snake to their collection after they get used to the first one. In this article we will look at getting ready for a second pet snake in you home. We will examine the following aspects of owning another snake.

  • The cost of a second pet snake
  • Equipment requirements of a second pet snake
  • Space issues for a second pet snake
Cost of a second pet snake
People will often get a second snake with the intention of breeding it to their first one. That means they are usually looking for a morph in order to add value to their collection. Morphs are going to be more expensive than the average wild type of the same species. Even if you have no intention of breeding and just want another snake be sure to figure your current costs of keeping a single snake are going to at least double.

Equipment requirements for a second pet snake
Since we all know that snakes should not be housed together you’re going to need to the cage and equipment for another animal. I’m a big advocate on DIY snake setups, but if you are getting anything other than a ball python, corn snake, rat snake or something fairly small you are better off buying one that has been specially designed to properly house larger animals. Regardless if you make it yourself, or buy one from a 2nd party be sure to have it ready before you get the new snake home.

In addition to the snake’s cage be sure to have clean water bowl, proper heat source(s), heat regulation device (thermostat for example), and the right sized food.

Space issues for a second pet snakes
There are two ways to look at this. On the one hand snake’s take up very little room compared with other animals. On the other hand there aren’t too many other animals that need an entire room just to themselves. Remember you need to keep a snake a the proper temperature and humidity. When you have one snake a simple heat lamp and under the tank heater combination usually works fine. When you have two snakes to heat you could find yourself dedicating a walk-in closet to your snake’s. I’ve done just that with a space heater hooked to a thermostat. If you have two really large snakes, for example full grown adult boa constrictors you’re going to need more room than a walk in closet. Be certain that you have the space necessary to properly house more than one pet snake.

Later on this week we will discuss actually choosing a second snake. Do you get the same kind as you have or have had? Do you go in a completely different direction and chose an entirely different species of snake?

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