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Snake owners, the time has come to take responsibility

Responsible ownership will help protect us from shooting ourselves in the foot

All over the nation laws are being considered that are designed to bring the exotic pet trade under control. It really gained ground last February when Charla Nash of Connecticut was mauled by her best friends pet chimpanzee. With the all too recent death of the Florida toddler the media has been in an uproar about snakes, particularly Burmese pythons. With the full court press going on against snakes and other exotic animals from virtually all sides it is sometimes hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately there is a light. A very bright, very noticeable light. What all of this clamoring is going to do will be to put in place some sensible laws regarding the ownership of snakes (and other exotic animals).

And that’s exactly what has been missing all along. Sensible laws that promote responsible ownership of snakes both big and small. Because of this and the lack of enforcement of the existing laws that states have adopted we find ourselves staring down the barrel of a very big, very ugly gun. The public in general has no love lost for snakes and they want nothing more than a reason to go on a 21st century witchhunt. It won’t be against other people, their faiths, or even skin colors. It will be against beloved pets. Unless we in the exotic animal community step up and join forces with people and groups like USARK who are working tirelessly to advocate on our behalf.

I’ll close by saying this – We can either get on the ball and start being a responsible community across the board or we’ll find that light I mentioned earlier is in fact a muzzle flash sending a bullet right into our hobby and our businesses.

  • A great Organization that is helping fight bans is UAPPEAL. They have a hired lobbyist in Washington help fight ban laws, and instead promote responsible exotic animal ownership, and work with legislatures to enact FAIR regulations and not bans. All members of the exotic animal community whether they own a snake, hedgehog, monkey, or turtle, need to stick together and fight the AR agenda.

  • PetSnakes

    Thanks Silvia –

  • Well written. However the enemy is not outside the reptile community, but in fact within.
    The general community do not give a toss about snakes and laws relating to them.
    Animal rights groups may make noises against snakes as pets, but their efforts are largely in other
    directions as well.
    Commercial interests in the reptile industry who see gains by stopping “competitors” are the ones
    behind the push to ban reptiles as pets.
    This has always been the case and these people use wildlife departments to implement these legal restrictions.
    However wildlife departments (who think they are control) are actually often the
    puppets on the ends of strings pulled by others.
    All the best
    Snakeman Raymond Hoser

  • Bradwolfe51

    people wake up pet snakes kill less people than any other form of pet with size secondly if your worried that they are doing damage to the echo system ban them in areas they can survive thirdly if you are worried about the ones in the wild such as florida eating endangered species ask yourself why are they endangered to begin with humans  should we kill all sharks they kill more people per year than pet snakes should we kill all alligators cause they kill more people per year than pet snakes should we kill all  bears they kill more people than pet snakes per year hell if you want to do away with the right of those of us who like snakes to them then we should do away with your right to own dogs who maim  and or kill more kids per year than most any other pet and further more we should put a ban on people who cause more death and destruction than any other species on this planet if you open the door for one you open the door for all keep that in mind you want the government to do everything you do not deserve freedom as thomas jefferson said ( a founding father) if you prefer safety over freedom you deserve neither he also said if 10000 people make a law and it keeps one person from doing what he likes it is unconstitutional try supporting individual rights you don’t have to like what someone dose so don’t do it  its your right to chose and not your right to take someone  else’s  choice because you do not like it if we keep this up we won’t be a free nation of free peoples we will be a federal state keep this in mind because tomorrow it could be your right to do something that you enjoy that will be taken away from you wake up and reed between the lines before all is lost the only reason so many people do not like snakes is they where taught  not to like them we are all children of this planet and we did not choose to be here but we are and we all have the right to partake in all of it splendor  what ever that may be to you you say tomato I say tamoto
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