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Why snakes make good pets

In this article we look at some reasons snakes make good pets.

Pet snakes are hardy
Compared to other animals snakes require very little care once you have them setup properly. This doesn’t mean you can neglect them it just means that they can endure a forgetful child (or adult) much better than other animals. For instance if you forget to feed a snake for two or three days it really isn’t a big deal.

The exception to their ability to endure is that you must provide the proper environment in regards to temperatures, and humidity for them to thrive. If you aren’t sure what they need then go find a few care sheets and learn what you’ll need to do BEFORE you get the snake.

Snakes don’t need much space
The size of the snake dictates how much space it needs, but compared to their size they need very little. For example a 8 foot boa constrictor can live quite comfortable in a cage measuring 4(L)x2(W)x1.5(H). That might seem like a very large piece of furniture to have in your home, but think about how much more room a dog or cat needs.

No one is allergic to snakes
Unlike most other common pets snakes don’t produce any dander and therefore no one is allergic to coming in contact with them. Some people however have been known to react to snake bites from harmless snakes that’s why it is very important to take proper care of any snake bite wounds you might get. They are also virtually odorless which means you won’t be spending money on a pet odor eliminator system to keep your house smelling fresh.

They are cheap to feed
Since snakes only need to eat once a week (under normal conditions) it doesn’t cost much at all to feed them. The larger the snake the large the meal it needs and the more it will cost to feed but even then compared to feeding something like a dog or cat (or kid) it is negligible.
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