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Copperhead (V)


Common Name

Scientific Name
Agkistrodon contortrix

The copperhead like other north American pit vipers has a broad triangular head with veritcal pupils that are elliptical in shape. Also common to other pit vipers it has the signature heat pit located between each eye and nostril on either side of its face. It is pinkish to a grayish brown in color with brownish bands that are narrowest on the back but widen out along its sides. It gets its name from the unpatterned dull copperish colored head. The copperhead has keeled scales with a pink or light brown belly. Juvenile snakes have a yellow tipped tail.

Copperhead’s are widely distributed in the eastern United States north from Massachusetts and south into Texas.

Feeding Habits
Copperheads have a hemotoxic venom that they use to immobolize their prey with. They have the weakest venom of any north American pit viper, slightly less potentent than even that of the Cottonmouth. They are known for “dry”, or warning bites in which they might puncture the skin but no venom is released. Copperheads have a diet that includes small mammals, birds, small snakes, lizards, frogs, salamanders, and nymphal or newly metamorphosed cicadas.
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