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3 tips to help your snake shed

Here are 3 simple tips that will help your pet snake shed in one piece the first time around.

Provide the proper humidity
We’ll get started with the first and most important tip of them all. There is no single greater cause of shedding problems than the humidity being too low. Every species of snake has an optimal range of humidity levels to keep it healthy. Make sure you stay within that range. Also don’t forget that the upper end of the range usually jumps up when the snake shows signs of shedding so be sure you are aware of when that happens. Then you can make the proper adjustments.

If you can’t get the humidity levels high enough then you can spend a few minutes making a humid hide. It is a plastic container with damp sphagnum moss and an opening for the snake to crawl into.

Don’t over-soak your snake
A lot of people when they notice their snake is getting ready to shed will begin soaking it. Every single day for over an hour a day. This is especially common with people who have had bad experiences with shedding before due to the humidity being too low. Chances are they found out that the way to correct the problem is to soak their snake so they figure by soaking before the snake tries to shed they’ll be preventing a bad shed issue. The problem is that the soak actually robs the snake of essential oils that it builds up between the old and the new layer of skin. If you do need to soak your snake briefly at the beginning of the shed is fine. By briefly I mean 10 or 15 minutes at most ONE TIME! After that is unnecessary and moves from the realm of helping your snake shed successfully to assisting it with a bad shed.

Leave it alone while it is shedding
Shedding is a stressful and uncomfortable process for a snake so leave it be. Once you recognize that the snake is getting ready to shed you should minimize contact with it. Spot cleaning the tank is fine, hour long holding sessions are not.

Those 3 tips will help your snake to shed better. The most important thing you can do is to make sure the humidity is at the proper levels.

  • Paulaoreilly7

    Can anyone help me please. I have an African brown snake and it sheds quiet a bit more then normal (anyone know why this happens or what I can do to help him?)
    Thank you

  • Will

    Don’t worry about him. Just Keep the conditions above correct.

  • Marissafeb11

    Hey can someone help my snake is acting fine but I just wanna make sure he/she’s okay. I saw he was having trouble shedding and he let me just peel it off for him, so I did. The top of him is in one piece half way down (same with bottom) and the rest of the shed is together and the head is in a seperate piece. It didnt hurt him at all and he didnt bite. He’s only a baby though so I wanna make sure that didnt screw him up for life.

  • Adam

    someone answered your question about your African brown and didn’t click ‘reply.’ In case you didn’t get the message, it just means your snake is growing quickly. As long as it’s coming off in one piece, or close to it, your snake is shedding well. : )

  • Camatthews3

    my ball python is shedding for the first time and its been almost 2 weeks since he started  but he still has not shed yet he has peeled some skin away from his nose but know were else what should i do and should i feed him

  • Verenajoyce

    If our snake has a long shed (ie more than one night) it is always because the humidity is low.  Dampen a cotton bag, place snake in it in his enclosure, and by the time he has made his way out he has also shed.

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