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Where to buy a pet snake

Getting ready to get a new snake can be a daunting process. Locating the perfect pet shouldn’t be. In this guide we will show you four of the best places to locate a snake that is for sale.

Craig’s List
There are often snakes listed for sale on Craig’s List. Simply visit and select your city, state, or country from the list. Once you’ve done that look for the Community section (currently upper left corner) and the click on Pets. Once you do that take advantage of the search function in Craig’s List and search for terms such as “snake”, “boa”, “python”, or whatever other snake related terms you can think of. At this point it is as easy as clicking through to the ads.

Advantages: Local area and the prices is usually lower than average because people are simply trying to get rid of their snakes.

Disadvantages: Often snakes come from previous owners who either didn’t know what they were doing or were simply neglectful. The animals are often in very poor shape and need extensive medical treatment.

Recommendation: If you have experience and are willing to take on a project, yes. For the average person no.

General chain pet stores
Depending on the store they may or may not have snakes for sale. Usually it depends on the particular franchise as in one store they are selling them and in another in the same town they don’t. These aren’t at all hard to find. Just look in a local phone book under “pet store” and you’ll probably see a good number of them. Then you just have to get there to have a look around.

Advantages: Local

Disadvantages: Poorly cared for overly priced animals.

Recommendation: Absolutely not

Specialized reptile pet stores
The challenge with these types of stores isn’t if you can buy a snake, but locating one can be a difficult. Not every town has one but if you’re will to do a little traveling you’ll usually be able to find one within a reasonable distance. These stores specialize in moving exotic animals. Particularly lizards and snakes. Staff is generally knowledgeable and pleasant to work with when it comes to their snakes.

Advantages: Knowledgeable staff, local, and pricing is usually competitive

Disadvantages: Less of selection and often times they only specialize in 1 or 2 species.

Recommendation: In 99.9% of all cases yes, but as always buyer beware.

Online reptile markets
If you have an internet connection and a credit card (or paypal account) you can easily buy a new snake and have it shipped directly to your door, usually within 24 hours. Sites like Fauna Classifieds and King Snake provide a centralized location for people from all over the world to buy and sell their snakes. These sites don’t actually sell snakes instead they allow buyers and sellers to network together.

Advantages: Huge selection and potential for some really good pricing.

Disadvantages: Lack of face to face contact and buying animals sight unseen.

Recommendation: Yes, but be sure you read and understand the Board of Inquiry at Fauna pay attention to member feedback on both sites so you don’t fall victim to a scammer.

  • marcus mcbean

    a number that i can buy a snake at

  • dusty

    hey I saw a ball python at a small pet store near my house and it was only $50 dollars how much would it realy cost???

  • PetSnakes

    Marcus –

    Dusty – It all depends on the animal. I’ve seen them for $30.00 all the way up to $15,000 For a normal male Ball Python $50.00 is a very reasonable price.

  • Faimus

    Hi Dear,
    I live in Pakistan (Lahore). I want to buy a pet snake (African Rock Python)/ (Columbian Rainbow Boa)/(Red Blood Python). Kindly send me the detail with prices and transportation carges, if you can provide me in Pakistan.

  • james

    hi i am buying a corn snake from ‘’ is this a good idea or will it come with mites ect. ? thank you 🙂

  • Autumn

    hi,i'm 13 years old and i love snakes,i want like a corn snake,but my stepdad doesnt want one,he wants me to have a medium sized snake that will eat insects? can u help? thanks! 😀

  • No insect eating snakes that I would recommend to a beginner. Sorry. Beyond that there are no medium sized insect eating snakes that I can think of. They're all pretty small. Corn snake sounds like a good plan to me.

  • Christallieaygh

    if you arent willing to have a 14 foot snake in your house…dont get a ball python. if you give them a big enough tank with lots of room to grow, then grow they will. pet stores say that adult size is 48-56 inches. hell. no. i have a brazilian rainbow boa and shes already over 5 feet long. she only eats about 3 times a year because she was attacked by one of her previous meals but if she ate more she would be much. much bigger.

  • Neither a ball python nor a BRB is going to get anywhere close to 14 feet. Especially a ball python. Even if you gorge them on food the “best” that will happen is that they will get fat.

  • Shae

    im 12 yrs old, and i want to get one or 2 cute little snakes that curl around my fingers… my parents say its ok, but i don't know what kind to get… mabye a milk or green snake? any suggestions?

  • PetSnakes

    Corn snakes.

  • Tiffany

    So far the best snake I've seen for family people is a milk snake. But thats the only one that I did my homework on. Too bad my mom wont let me get a snake, but still, the milk snake is very friendly if you constantly play with it and nurture it.

  • Mjbraik

    hiya i doing an animal care course at college and i need to know legal and ethical breeders of exotics animals

  • Lakelyn H

    Well if you want a big snake to crawl around your fingers I would get the milk snake, It gets up to 6 feet. But I know you said you want a small snake to crawl around your fingers I would get a green snake , they only get up to 12 to 20 inches sometimes 32.

    Good luck finding one I also want a small snake. I’ve desisted I would like a ring snake they get form 12 to 18 inches. You could give that a try but they are really hard to find even though not a lot of people have them 🙂

  • Marie Provo

    I can’t find a baby rough green snake ANYWHERE!!!! Could you help me?

  • Fuck

    PRITTY GOOD WEB LOL! poto hahaha

  • Fuck

    u shold get a ball python xX triple-x

  • Lizzie

    Interesting but, craigs list really? I go on there all the time!

  • Lizzie

    awesome though

  • Lizzie

    no i mean cool beans!!

  • Pinknoodle

    Hi! I want to get a Limburg rosy boa but not an albino one! Is that possible?

  • Pinknoodle

    Hi! I want to get a Limburg rosy boa but not an albino one! Is that possible?

  • Guest

    i bought a snake for $30 dollars but i asked how much it really was & they $250 dollars i was really surprised when they told me & i went home laughing.

  • Alxtosto

    I have never had a snake before and would like one. There is no way I’d feed my snake a rodent dead or alive. Are there any insect eating snakes that would be good for me? Or perhaps instead of giving a cornsnake a mouse, I could give it a dead frog, tarantula, or even crab?

  • Emilyxvietnam

    Hi pls help me im really desperate for a snake and i live in macau china pls help me

  • james

    hi i’m james, and i have a female common boa, she is 2 years old and just reaches 7 foot long and 15 inch’s in gerth

  • Jeffoxill

    can you get one from africa

  • Hsnzaidi1

    hello buddy
    can u tell me where are u situated i would like to buy a boa or a pythone i live in pakistan can u tell me where can i get it

  • Williamng95

    can u help me get a snake

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