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Where do you get your balls?

I got an email a little over 2 months ago asking if I would be willing to feature an article about a new website relating to snakes, particularly Ball Pythons. I took a look and agreed to do it. Unfortunately life got hectic and I wasn’t able to complete it until now. In fact up until this point I’ve not posted anything at all, but going forward there will be regular updates to

Introducing Ball Pythons for Sale
Ball Pythons for Sale is an ingenious idea. It takes the craigslist idea of online community advertising and strips it down to one simple element, Ball Pythons. You won’t find any other species of snake available on this site. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of snakes listed. After all the number of Ball Python morphs is incredible:

I don’t have a Ball Python to sell so I wasn’t able to fully test the functionality of the site, or give a review on the whole selling process but from what I see it looks very straight forward. The ad rules page tells you what you need to do in order to sign up for an account and list ball pythons for sale. I checked out the Google ranking for the phrase “ball pythons for sale” and consistently it has ranked on the first page. For a seller that means almost everyone who goes to Google look for that phrase is going to see Ball Pythons for Sale somewhere in the top 10 sites listed. You simply can’t ask for better exposure than that!

For the buyer the process is even easier. You see a snake you are interested in, click on the listing and take a look at the details. You can then leave a public comment/question about the sale or you can contact the advertiser privately. All of the seller contact information is listed in plain site and you don’t need to be a member of the site to see it! Unlike other online classified sites that take a cut of the sale as a commission the owner of Ball Pythons for Sale has chosen to forgo that source of income. I don’t know if that model will change in the future, but as someone who has searched high and low for ball pythons in the past I personally wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable commission for the service.

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