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Why you need a will to protect your snakes

This morning I came across a news article about a man in Canada who had nearly 200 reptiles. The man recently died and
did not have any kind of will to instruct others what was to become of the animals. Making matters worse his estranged common-law wife is said to have signed an agreement to donate the animals to a local zoo, but before that could happen the humane society came in and seized the animals. You can read the full details about this particular story here.

No one wants to leave their reptiles in the position that Mr. Fortyn left his due to poor planning. The old saying goes that the only thing sure in life is “death and taxes”. It was irresponsible of him not to have drawn up a legal will with specific instructions.

What to include in the will

A will is designed to protect your assets, including snakes, after you pass away. Be sure to leave very specific instructions about what should happen to your reptiles. Spell out exactly who should get what animals and any terms or conditions they must meet. Ask the people who are going to get your snakes before you sign them up for it. Assume that when the time comes some people won’t be able to take them and have an alternate plan in place.

Make up a living will

You should also draw up a living will to protect your snakes if it turns out you are incapacitated due to illness or injury. It should also detail who is going to be responsible for your reptile collection.

As a final note be sure that your will is drawn up by a professional or use software such as Quicken WillMaker Premium 2011 with Living Trust Maker software. Don’t try to be thrifty and save money. It’s a document that needs to stand up under scrutiny if people begin fighting over your snakes.

Have you considered making a will to protect your pet snakes and other animals?

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