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Win a free ball python contest is over!

We’d like to thank all the people who signed up for the free ball python contest that we were running. As of 5pm EST today (8/15/09) the contest has ended. The winner will be chosen tomorrow at 5pm tomorrow with specific instructions for verification purposes. Once verified we will be in touch with BHB Reptiles to complete the transaction.

There were over 200 sign ups for the contest, but over 50 people were disqualified. All of them for not verifying their email address. Sorry, but we weren’t willing to risk entering email addresses into a contest that the owner hadn’t taken the time to verify. We also manually removed a few entries because they seemed a little fishy to me. I’m sorry, but freebpcontest1@email_address1, freebpcontest@email_address2, freebpcontest@email3 etc, etc, etc stinks of multiple entries from the same source. Rather than taking a risk I made an administrative decision and removed all entries of that kind.

We’re going to be hold another contest at the beginning of September but the only way you will know about it is by being subscribed to our RSS Feed. Please note this is different than being subscribed to the email feed, but more contests will be held through that method as well in the future.

  • krysta

    i have a question say i win is the shipping free

  • PetSnakes

    Yes, we will handle the shipping for the winner.

  • krysta

    ok cool thanks

  • Rob

    Awesome! Sucks about people entering multiple times though.

  • Jones

    All I can say is thank you for holding the contest and promoting this wonderful hobby. Best of luck to everyone.

  • Benjamin

    I think you guys made a good decision as to delete the cheating people!
    I’m excited about Daytona!

  • Benjamin

    Also i attempted to subscribe to your RSS Feed through google. I am unsure if it has or not. could you let me know?

  • PetSnakes

    No problem, Krysta

  • PetSnakes

    Yeah it does suck Rob, but it was expected. We got the ones we could, but I’m sure there were some people who got away with it.

  • PetSnakes

    It was our pleasure Jones. Plan to hold more contests in the future.

  • PetSnakes

    Thanks, deleting them was the least we could do, lol!

    Wish I could make it to Daytona, but work isn’t letting me do anything like that right now.

  • PetSnakes

    Benjamin, if you log into your google account and then go here – – If you’ve subscribed you’ll see our feed in the left hand side. Just click the link and you should see a run down of the latest 5+ articles we’ve put up.

  • HollyBolly

    Maybe a silly question, however will we be notified either way if we were the lucky one or not?. Thanks so much!!

  • HollyBolly

    I May have asked to soon. I see the link to the next post entitled “And the winner of the new pet snake is” at the bottom of this page. Thanks

  • tommy mccarthy

    Hello there, well i have a 5 ft, female ball python i would love two have two,..i think the snake will be well taken care of in my hands, i have everything it would need, well hope someone reply’s. Tommy

  • PetSnakes


    Sorry the contest has been over for about 2 months now. In the future we’ll probably give away another snake so keep your eyes open on the site for announcements!

  • Kent15

    start a new snake contest/ do include a cage

  • Very insightful tips.

  • Stacie huntley

    hi iam stacie huntley i,m writeing this letter because i want to win a free ball python .i like snake alot and i never had a snake before and i,m intering in the contest pythons are my favorite kind of pet i have tuched a snake before and i love them my mom and brother does not like snakes but i do so i can,t wait untile i win
    i pray to that i win thie contest my number is (336)561-4899 . bye

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