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And the winner of the new pet snake is…

Well the winner has been chosen finally. I had planned to post this at 5pm EST but was having a little trouble with the video recording software. Anyhow it finally worked and then I realized I didn’t zoom in on the screen but figured it wasn’t fair to practice on it so I just took the number it gave me and ran with it. So, without any further delay…

You’ll have to watch the video in full screen to see what actually happens. If you’d just like to read about it, skip to the text below the video.

That’s right the of the free snake is number 38. Number 38 will be getting an email from us within the next 24 hours and then will have 72 hours to respond. If this person does not respond we will generate another random number to select the winner.

Thanks to everyone who entered and don’t forget to sign up for our RSS Feed so you’ll know the details of our next contest beginning in September 2009.

I will be requesting that the winner allow us to use their first and last name in a future post to verify there actually was a winner, but I’m NOT going to publish this person’s email address on the site.

  • kiddoe


  • jennifer

    What do you mean the winner is number 38? What does that mean, can you give a name? Or something that lets people know.

  • krysta

    r u going to tell us if we lost also did email the person who won

  • PetSnakes

    Nope, Kiddoe sorry we already emailed the winner.

  • PetSnakes

    Jennifer, I mean it was the 38th person in the list out of all the entries. I’m working on a way to let people know the name of the person. As you might imagine just posting their information online isn’t exactly kosher. Maybe I’ll see if Brian from BHB can testify that he shipped out a snake or something. Actually I’m hoping the person who won would be willing to take a few pictures and send them our way so we can post them and their new snake. Anyhow we’ll figure out something.

  • PetSnakes

    Krysta, yes we did email the person who won and they responded back. We’re not going to email the entire list of people who entered the contest, but suffice it to say if you didn’t get an email saying you had won then unfortunately you did not win this particular contest.

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