We are a community who loves learning from each other and discussing everything snakes. While you may find some topics about other reptiles, which we also love, the focal point of our community is snakes.

If you have a love for snakes then please hang out and take a look around. Comments are always encouraged whether they’re good or bad. As long as they contribute to the discussion at hand we welcome them.

Finally we make no claim to being experts when it comes to snakes (or anything else). We simply like to pass along advice that we have found to be useful over time. Our hope is that it will be GOOD advice and will benefit you but if it doesn’t or if you know it to be dangerous to people or animals please let us know so we can evaluate what has been posted.

We welcome any questions or suggestions you might have and will give consideration to all. If you have something to say simply send us an email at info@pet-snakes.com and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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