Hognose snakes are small, rear-fanged (not toxic to humans), species that inhabit the United States' western part reaching southern Canada and northern Mexico. They are known to be bluffers, and when disturbed, they can play dead, strike with a closed mouth and hiss.

Yet, this is nothing to worry about as most calm down when they realize you are not in danger. Hognose snakes reach a maximum length of 25-36 inches, and as usual, females are larger than males, neonates average about 6 inches.


An appropriate cage size for an adult would be a 10 or 15 gallon, and neonates and juveniles do good in 5-gallon tanks. I use tubs because they are easier to clean and are way cheaper. A 16qt tub is suitable for a large neonate or juvie; an adult can be 32qt or smaller.

In tubs, it is also easier to maintain a good temperature. When setting up an enclosure, make sure to provide many hides and deep aspen bedding. Hognose snakes are natural diggers, and this way, they feel secure.

Also, a water dish is a necessity. I like to provide a humid hide for my smaller snakes, it’s merely a tiny hide, cup, whatever, that is filled with either moist moss or paper towels; this helps them shed.

The temperature should be 70-85F hot side with a basking spot at around 90F. Nighttime temps can be 65-80F hot side. No UVB lighting is required, but you can have it; it has never been actually proven Hog nose snakes need UVB.


Unlike most hog nose species, Western Hognose snakes readily eat pinkies when they are young, and it is relatively easy to start them on f/t. Sometimes scenting with a frog is necessary, but rarely and if you get a CB snake, it shouldn’t be a problem. Babies can eat pinkies every four days, and adults can eat adult mice every 7-10 days. 

PLEASE do NOT feed in the enclosure! Snakes have been known to accidentally eat bedding when feeding, which can harm or even kill your snake!

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Just your ordinary guy who happens to be crazy about snakes. I care for 13 slithery creatures at home currently. My kids love it. My wife..... Not so much. Welcome to snake world!

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